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I found some code on MSDN for converting XPS files to images

XPS files are Microsofts alternative to printing a document and are of a simple XML format. So if you don't have a printer or have a passworded PDF, you can 'print' it as an XPS file and convert it to an image. After that, you're free to edit in any image program you have around.

At some point I'd like to add the ability to convert straight from PDF to image, but this was a quick fix for an annoying problem.

DOWNLOAD - XPS Covnerter



I found this one challenging due to the way the program checks for time differences. Seems to work quite well; I used it at work a lot.

Basic start, stop, reset and split time functionality. Added the ability to save split times with notes and calculate differences between them. There's a very basic alarm function which will sound every X hours/minutes/seconds.

Time limited to 99:99:99.999.

DOWNLOAD - Timer Program

Windows Locker

A program which never really found its feet. I intended it to be used a trade shows for locking machines so the public hard a harder time trying to steal software.

All it does is repeatedly change the USB storage registry key to 'disable'. This means any USB device will still work, aside from storage. Storage devices connected when the program is turned on will not be sutomatically disconnected. There is a way to force eject USB devices, but this can cause memory corruption so I decided against it.

There's a seperate function which can be used to relaunch any deignated program if closed. The idea is that if a game is being demonstrated on a public floor and crashes, it will launch by itself and require little to no supervision.

Super serious on this one. As the program modifies the system registry it could so some damage if not used intelligently. Read through the code first. Tested working on Windows XP/7.

DOWNLOAD - Windows Locker



Simple program for finding the MD5 of a file. Lists both file size (bytes) and MD5.



They're coming. A bit busy at the moment.